About us

SimLab IT is a distribution platform for educators to use virtual reality to its fullest. Medical professionals need to continually educate themselves to avoid medical errors; however, training for medical professionals can be time and resource intensive. In Europe the world health organization estimates that 23% of citizen are affected directly by medical error. Thus, we are creating a library to house and distribute virtual reality simulations for professionals to train at anytime and almost anywhere.

What we do

What we do

SimLab IT For Education

Professionals gain the ability to do improve their skills and do continuing medical education at their own pace at anytime.

SimLab IT For Content Creator

Through our content creator platform, you can upload your simulation for feedback from the most innovative university, and gain access like never before.

SimLab IT For Development

We are experts in Machine learning, A.I, and data gathering through simulation.



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  • SimLab IT is in xEdu accelerator 2017 program.

Our Team

Our Team

Robert Taylor

CEO & Co-Founder

Keijo Haataja

CTO & Co-Founder

Erkko Sallinen

Lead Developer

Pasi Mustonen

Content Developer

Taha Nakabi

Data Scientist & Growth Hacking


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