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Technologies such as Mobile apps, online portals, virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 videos can help you fill the training gaps that require repetition and simulation. Blockchain technology is another innovative technology revolutionizing the world. Digital currencies are in demand due to their increasing use. Even though bitcoin is the most popular digital currency, new coins such as Monero are increasing in value. Read the wo monero kaufen blog to learn more about Monero. Simlab IT specializes in creating educational and training applications. With Simlab IT can develop your dream and we give you access to our platform to make changes on your own to change the content as you need on your own.

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Benefits of Using Us

Working with virtual reality offers a number of benefits and our company focus on maximising those benefits in learning. VR games have already gone to the next level. Casinos are now using modern technologies to attract more customers. Players interested in online casinos can visit to find the most reliable ones.

More Data Driven

Collect real-time data on how current and prospective staff perform in simulation.

More Engagement

Keep the attention of your customer and staff during training courses for longer.

Lower Cost of Training

Lower the cost of training in simulation using digital environments and virtual reality equipments.

Consistent Lessons

Make the lessons and feedback more consistent to keep your productivity and quality high across all workers.


Use the data collected to also automate feedback with staff and personalize their lessons in needed areas of improvement.

Quick Turn Around

Don't wait for too long to see results from training courses to know if they are having an effect on productivity.

Pricing Plans

We offer several different packages for helping you to achieve your training goals.

Educational Organizations

Educate Your Students today

  • Virtual Reality Development
  • Reach Customers
  • API Implementation and Data Analysis


Use VR/AR to Increase Productivity

  • Custom Data Collection
  • Unlimited Course Creation Support
  • Motion Capture to Improve Productivity

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Below is a project we did with Savonia polytechnic, it is a training environment for nurses to practice their skills. The same can be done with both mobile and high end virtual reality for your organization.