Is Edtech Killing the Classic Classroom?

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PRESS RELEASE: Simlab IT Attends Opening of Ukrainian Catholic University’s Sheptytsky Center/Library

LVIV, UKRAINE – In a landmark day for education and EdTech on September 11th, one of Ukraine’s top universities, UCU, launched a new multipurpose information and resource center called the Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky Center. Simlab IT is proud to announce that our CEO and co-founder, Robert Taylor was invited to be a part of the events to mark the opening of the world-class building which would primarily function as a modern educational center and humanities library but simultaneously serve as a site that addresses and combines many of the community’s needs.

According to the university, the progressive center will be an innovation hub open to the public. Its unique functions played a major role in determining the building’s structure and design which are modern and dynamic. The library aims to provide more opportunities for the current and future generation of students in Ukraine and foster better study, research, collective work and overall education experience for students, teachers and guests of the university.

Additionally, the Entrepreneurship Center at Ukrainian Catholic University (run by UCU’s Lviv Business School and Space for Educational Initiatives) will also be hosting several of its activities in the Sheptytsky Center. The first of these was a discussion held on the 12th, the day after the opening ceremony, where panelists discussed the future of education next to EdTech and how the two will either work together to drastically improve the way kids learn or kill classical education completely.

Speaking at the event, our CEO introduced the company as a VR solutions provider for medicine and education and explained how the two fields as a whole will benefit different from this technology. He said, “At Simlab IT, we are a company that creates educational technology in the field of medicine. And, unfortunately, I think that EdTech for the classical education in this area is crushing. In medicine, technology creates new forms of learning that help deepen students’ knowledge and skills. Artificial intelligence, virtual and added reality will make training in this area based on analytics and more personalized, and therefore much more effective.”
Also present at the discussion, was Oles Datsko who is the CMO at the Finnish company XEdu. Datsko asserted his position on EdTech, stating that he sees it as a salvation for the current education systems. To him, virtual reality and other technologies will provide new, important opportunities to save education rather than kill it.


Other noteworthy invitees who were present at the events and part of the discussion were Andriy Tabachyn - the co-founder of Ukrainian-based education startup EdPro, Oksana Pasichynk- an expert of digital technologies in education and Yana Rathman (via Skype) a mixed learning expert who was formerly at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Oracle and Cisco, among other top companies.


All those present agreed that educational technologies should not be focused on the university or the teachers, but on the collective needs of students. And that the Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky Center was a step in the right direction towards creating opportunities to help students grow creatively and increase the desire for innovation.
ABOUT Simlab IT:

Simlab IT is a portfolio company of Finland-based EdX. The company is a specialty edtech firm known for providing organizations with the tools and platforms to drive better virtual reality education and training methods which can all be easily delivered online.


To learn more about Simlab’s services or request more information about the company, you can visit the company website at

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