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We want to use virtual reality to educate your staff (and/or customers). We give you the tools and plaform to make VR education and training easy. For more information sign up for our webinar below.

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Our Tools

We make a number of tools to help orgnaizations educate and train people better using virtual reality online. We also make live stream lessons, distributed publicly or privately, and through which you can also create your own lessons .

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See articles about how organizations around the world are using virtual reality in education and how you can use it too.


Why Virtual Reality Is The Saving Grace Of Education

Unlike traditional education settings — the chalkboard, the classroom etc — VR has a capacity to immediately engage and audience, capturing ...


Edtech can simulate adviser-client scenario

There is significant opportunity for innovation with the educational ... space in financial advice, where augmented and virtual reality could ...


Volkswagen partners with HTC Vive for auto production, logistics

Volkswagen said it believes VR technology will make it easier for staff to ... such as medical care, education, exhibitions, property development, ...

How you can use the Tools

Create Live Events

Have courses you want to teach or just want to show off a product using your 360 camera. We make it easy with one touch of your screen.

Simulate Learning

Simulate situation that are important that may not be parcticed as often as you would like.

Educate About New Products or Places

Use your old Autocad files to make new trainings for staff and customers.

Benefits of Using Us

Working with virtual reality offers a number of benefits and our company focus on maximising those benefits in learning. If needed we can also provide the equipment needed to do training for a small monthly rental fee.

More Data Driven

Collect real-time data on how current and prospective staff perform in simulation.

More Engagement

Keep the attention of your customer and staff during training courses for longer.

Lower Cost of Training

Lower the cost of training in simulation using digital environments and virtual reality equipments.

Consistent Lessons

Make the lessons and feedback more consistent to keep your productivity and quality high across all workers.


Use the data collected to also automate feedback with staff and personalize their lessons in needed areas of improvement.

Quick Turn Around

Don't wait for too long to see results from training courses to know if they are having an effect on productivity.

Pricing Plans

We offer several different packages for helping you to achieve your training goals.

Software Development

We develop what you need

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  • Virtual Reality Development
  • Platform Development
  • API Implementation and Data Analysis


Connect our courses to your HCM System

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  • Custom Data Collection
  • Unlimited Course Creation Support
  • Access To All Tools

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Below is a project we did with Savonia polytechnic, it is a training environment for nurses to practice their skills. The same can be done with both mobile and high end virtual reality for your organization.