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Virtual reality is a highly disruptive technology that is changing the way in which education and training have been done in the past. Advances in virtual reality have made it possible for learners and other professionals in the education sector to incorporate virtual reality into their training. Students learning using virtual reality technology are able to retain more information and knowledge, because it engages them in a fun and engaging way. Ve-Top is the leading platform that makes virtual reality training for medical students. This cutting edge technology will undoubtedly influence a pedagogical shift in the way educators approach learning.

Virtual Reality in Training

In this day and age, a trainer is no longer needed in order to give instruction to the trainees. The content is simply fed into a virtual reality platform, such as Ve-Top, and then the trainees are able to interact with the objects and simulations created by the platform. Performance of the trainees can be tracked by the trainers through a dashboard using data visualization techniques and data analysis. A virtual simulated scenario of a real world problem is presented to the trainee, who is then able to come up with a way to solve the problem in a risk free environment.

Virtual Reality in Medicine.

In medicine, virtual reality has been highly adopted in the training of surgeons, general practice doctors and nurses. In the traditional era, training of doctors was performed on live patients, and this was dangerous since an error in judgement could sometimes be fatal. Simulations are important in impacting knowledge and skills to junior doctors and interns without placing the patients in unnecessary risk. When immersed in the virtual reality simulation, the trainees are able to learn how to mitigate ethical tensions and resolve practical dilemmas. VR platforms, such as Ve-Top, offer unique opportunities for complex and dynamic medical situations to be practiced and managed.

Opportunities For Medical Students

Medical students now have the ability to learn and understand the human body, within the virtual reality. This is a very interesting concept because the trainees can perform hands-on operations such complex surgeries on virtual reality setup without risk to real patients. The virtual reality setup is a safe and controlled environment, thus the trainees have the luxury of making mistakes and learning from them. After interacting with the virtual patients, the trainees gain valuable skills which they then utilize in the real world.

Training of Paramedic Personnel.

Virtual reality has also been adopted in training of paramedic personnel. The trainees are immersed in a simulated accident and taught the skills of life saving in such a situation. There are no risks of patients suffering since it is just but a simulation of virtual reality. Since paramedics work in a high pressure environment, virtual reality helps in preparing them to deal with high pressure situation in a real event. Ve-Top is highly recommended in providing training for medical students. Virtual reality has been welcomed in the classroom as a better way of learning as compared to the traditional methods of teaching. Virtual reality has a very effective and efficient way of emphasizing concepts through visualizations. Students are able to retain more content if it is presented to them in a visually appealing manner. Platforms such a the Ve-Top are able to create classroom simulations for the medical curriculum.

Advantages of Virtual Reality in Education

There are many advantages of using virtual reality in education: One of the advantages is being able to provide outstanding visualizations that aren’t possible in traditional classrooms. The trainees are able to view in 3D whatever the trainer is teaching and in this way are able to easily grasp the concept. Another advantage of virtual reality in training of medical students is that it creates an interest in the subject. One major advantage of virtual reality in training is that it improves the quality of education in the medical field. The students get to practice their skills in surgery and other procedures on virtual patients. This experience offers students valuable experience that is much needed in the real world. It is a no-brainer that virtual reality is a powerful tool in education. The best educational experiences are those that captivate and intrigue those being taught. Ve-Top is the leading platform in developing simulations that allow professionals the chance to improve their skills and continue education at their own pace and time.

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